Storing an Air Conditioner for the Winter

Published: 13th July 2010
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Once the calendar turns to fall and winter, most people no longer have a need for their air conditioner. A lot of homeowners would like to store their air conditioners

, but don't know where to start.

First of all, why should you store your air conditioner?

Removing your air conditioner in the fall and winter will do several things for your air conditioner. It will prolong the life of your unit because it does not stay installed all year and exposed to weather and other damages. Storing your air conditioner will also lower your energy bills and decrease the carbon dioxide emissions into the outside air.

It is best to store your air conditioner before the first frost comes through. Before you box it up, the unit will need a thorough cleaning.

After you unplug and power off your system, the first thing you need to do is clean and replace the air conditioner filters. After you clean the filters, you will need an air hose to blow out the dust inside the unit. Cleaning your air conditioner reduces the pollution that is caused by dust, mold, or other harmful substances inside the unit. This benefits allergy sufferers, who always need to breathe clean air.

Once you finish cleaning the air conditioner, let it dry thoroughly before you go about putting it in storage.

You have several options to store your air conditioner.

You can put the unit back in its original box with the Styrofoam packaging. However, if you do not have the original packaging, there are other options.

One of the most popular storage options is to purchase an air conditioner cover. These covers are usually made from polyester or vinyl and protect the unit from rust, wear and tear on the exterior, and declining performance. There are covers available for almost any size unit.

You can also buy large plastic bins that fit your units and put your air conditioner in there. Another option is to box up the air conditioner and put in on blocks or a platform that is off the floor.

Once you figure out how you want to store the unit, the next step is to pick a space to store it. The best place to store the air conditioner is in a dry basement, attic, or garage. This keeps the unit safe from precipitation such as rain or snow and small animals, such as birds, who may sit on top of the air conditioner.

Many people wonder what position to put their air conditioner in when they store it. Although it is best to put it vertically so no oil gets trapped in the compressor, you can also store it on its side for a time. However, keep in mind that if your air conditioner is on its side, you may have to do extra cleaning and fix some problems with the position of the oil before you reinstall it next year.

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